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    Losin’ It

    A 135 pound me at the end of October before I found out (or suspected) I was pregnant.  Yes, I’m not wearing any makeup and I did not do my hair.  I am not cat-faced Kim Kardashian!

    For those of you that don’t know, I had a baby back in June.  The baby is doing great and everything is all fine and dandy (I’ll post more about him at a later date) except for the fact that the only clothes I can fit are my maternity clothes.

    This is totally unacceptable.

    I cannot fit into any of my dresses from Anthropologie.  I love my dresses from Anthropologie.  I love everything from Anthropologie, including the crazy looking shoes.

    Anyway, it’s been two months since I’ve given birth to my precious and I’ve lost only 30 pounds.  I know that seems like a lot, but when you’ve gained close to 70 lbs, 30 is just chump change.

    Yes.  I gained 70 lbs if all of the different scales that weighed me are to be believed.  When I went into the hospital to give birth the first thing they did was weigh me, and I was a shocking 205 lbs.  This was mind blowing since only a week before at my OB’s office I was still in the young 190s.

    FYI – I stopped weighing myself at home once I passed the recommended 30 lb weight gain.

    A 193 pound me at 38 weeks, just 5 days before I gave birth to my little monkey.

    I’m assuming that the 30 lbs I lost was mainly baby (he was only 7 pounds, 12 ounce) and water.   The rest was just me being glutinous.  Thinking back, I was cooking and baking quite a bit during my pregnancy.  Plus, I indulged in my favorite comfort foods and stopped exercising (except for my daily one-mile walks with Sami) once I entered my third trimester.

    Ugh, so I’ve decided that until I get back down to my svelte 135 lbs, I will be devoting Monday posts to my feeble attempts at losing weight.

    Baby and a 178 pound me about a month ago.  I know I don’t look too bad here, but if I were to show you the pics I took of me in a bikini yesterday, you would be just as horrified as I was.

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    • I am so with you on the needing to drop baby weight thing. Except, you know, 5 months behind.

    • It’s hard to find the time! Especially to go to the gym, that’s why I’ve opted for the exercise DVD thing.

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