I am an arrogant bastard

After rereading my last post, I realized that I may have come across as sounding completely incompetent to some of you.  Sleep deprived I may be, but incapable I am not.  I’m also a bit of an arrogant bastard as you are about to witness.  Here is a detailed list of my redeeming qualities for any potential employers out there:

  • I am the best damn employee you’ll ever have.  I may be a lazy, hungry half-breed at home when I have no obligations to fulfill, but when I’m working I am an “animal” as my classroom neighbor, Sandoval, used to call me.  I taught history, was the AVID coordinator, and the Quiz Bowl advisor among many other untitled jobs at the middle school I last worked at.  This entailed long hours, not only at work, but also at home and in our community.  Many afternoons, evenings, and weekends were devoted to my work and my students.  I probably burnt myself out as a teacher by going forth with my job this way, but I think it was the lack of appreciation by the upper echelon that took it’s toll.  I do kick ass work, and I expect to be acknowledged for it.
  • Everyone loves me.  My easy going manner allows me to fit in with practically any social or professional group of people.  My style fluctuates with both my mood and who I am associating with.  I probably should have been an actor, but to be honest, when you’re a teacher you need to learn to act to keep students engaged.  Anyway, I am keenly observant, a gracious listener, and know how to fluff people’s egos with just the right questions.  People love to talk about themselves, and I’m good at encouraging them to do so.
  • I solve problems with ease.  Quiet people are thinkers, and thinkers are good at analyzing all aspects of a problem to find the best solution.  In situations where most people freak out, I am the calm and collected person who helps get people out of sticky situation.  If we’re ever in an emergency situation together, I’d advise you to stick close to me and do exactly what I say, unless of course you want to die.
  • I always meet my deadlines.  At times it may be a scramble to the finish, but I always come through in the end with flying colors.  Unlike most people, I don’t give lame excuses or blame my inefficiency on others.  I believe that the job you do is a direct reflection of who you are, and I always do my damn best.

As you can see, I am nowhere near a hot mess as some of you may have thought after reading my last post.  I am simply a practical and realistic person with both arrogant and self-deprecating tendencies. I don’t live in some sort of Disney fantasy world thinking that everything will end up perfect and we’ll all live happily ever after.  I don’t blame my problems on other people or believe my fate is up to God.  I know what I am capable of, I know what I need to improve upon, and I know exactly how to do it.

Geez, my parents should be extremely proud of how they raised me, because I am now my own Tiger Mom.  Watch out Nico!


2 thoughts on “I am an arrogant bastard”

  1. I didn’t read that you were a hot mess. I read that you are a human being haha!! I love the dichotomy between these two posts! You are lucky that everyone loves you, maybe it’s because of the not talking much you mentioned in the other post. Generally, people hate me because I talk so much. Or maybe because of what I talk about. Who knows?

    Do you really think you are a Tiger Mom? I just heard about this but am still a little unclear about it.

    1. Thanks! It’s nice to know that others don’t think I’m a nut job, even though I still think I am.

      But, yeah, people love me because I let them talk about themselves all they want which totally sucks on my part. Plus, I find that most of the things I enjoy talking about no one really cares to do the same, or they’re too busy thinking of what they’re going to say next and so there’s really no point in continuing with my thoughts. I guess I’m like you in some way, where I often see no point or meaning in an interaction and therefore I shut down.

      In your case, I think you’re just a very honest and realistic person, which is something most people in our society can’t handle. They’d rather be lied to and talk about happy fluffy clouds and purple unicorns. I think smart, opinionated people make the world much more interesting.

      As for the whole Tiger Mom thing, no I don’t think I am one. The stereotypical Asian mom is a hardass that will do whatever it takes to get their child to be successful, even if it means threatening to take away something meaningful, not allowing sleepovers or play dates, or just being degrading in general. My mom was tough on me, but she was in no way a psycho Tiger Mom. She and my dad always believed that I could do better, and at times it did feel like I could never please them, but in hindsight I appreciate their urging me to do my best. Even though I always do my best now, I still think that I could do much better or do even more. That’s a good thing, though. I mean, if people didn’t think that way, there probably wouldn’t be any advancements in society.

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